Saturday, January 29, 2011

75 Years Of DC Comics

By far the coolest thing I got for Christmas was Paul Levitz' massive book 75 Years Of DC Comics The Art Of Modern Mythmaking. It's a very comprehensive look at the past 75 years of the home of Superman, Batman, and many, many others. It's over 700 pages and weighs 16 pounds. It was impossible to scan and many of the pictures I took didn't turn out well but here's a couple of cool shots to whet your appetite. This copy of the original cover art to House Of Secrets #92 by Bernie Wrightson was very cool. The picture doesn't show it but the reproduction in this book is top notch.

This 1980's style guide by the fantastic Jose Luis Garcia Lopez was the template for all the advertising art DC did at the time.

And finally, one of the coolest photos in the whole book is of these two kids dressed as Captain and Mary Marvel circa 1945.

There are many more goodies in this great book. Here's the Amazon link. $108 is a huge bargain for this. All true DC fans should have a copy of this fantastic book.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Now Comics' Green Hornet

After going to see the new Green Hornet movie last weekend, I decided to dig out a bunch of the GH comics that Now Comics put out while I was in college. I always thought they were really well done with good art and scripts that stuck to the spirit of the character very well. This particular issue was the second printing of issue #1 from 1989 with a beautiful cover by Jeff Butler, who also did the interior art. I really enjoyed re-reading these and I now have a mission for my next comic con, to finish picking these up. They're a great read.

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