Monday, September 25, 2006

Batman From The 30's To The 70's

Another book I devoured at my library in the late 70's was this gem, also from Crown Publishing. Like its Superman volume, this was chock full of reprints spanning the then 30 year history of the Dark Knight. Featuring an intro by then DC president Carmine Infantino, this book features such great work by Bob Kane, the very underrated Jack Burnley, Shelly Moldoff, Jerry Robinson, Dick Sprang, Win Mortimer, Carmine Infantino, Irv Novick, and Neal Adams. Even Superman great Curt Swan tried his hand at Batman, drawing the story originally published in Batman #118. Needless to say, this book was a major part of my childhood and I was thrilled to get a copy at a very good price a few years ago.

Superman From The 30's To The 70's

One of my first exposures to the Man Of Steel was this black and white reprint hardcover put out by Crown Publishers in 1971. I used to go to my local library and check it out over and over. I couldn't get enough. It reprinted a wide range of stories from the very beginning in 1938 up to the then recent revamp of Superman by super editor Julius Schwartz. Featuring art by such greats as Joe Shuster, Wayne Boring, and Curt Swan, it was a great way to get new readers into the greatest super hero of all time. I was lucky enough to get my own copy a few years ago and it holds a special place on my bookshelf.

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