Monday, May 17, 2010

DC Tabloids Ad 1978

Boy did I love these Treasury sized DC tabloid editions that came out in the mid to late 70's. I had all the ones featured in this ad. I especially wore out the Legion and Superman Vs. Wonder Woman issues. I loved seeing all that great art blown up to the tabloid size. They were just great. The awesome site is the complete resource for these classic 70's comics. It's a must read site if you have any interest in these beauties.

Showcase #104 OSS Spies At War

The first DC war comic I remember reading was this issue of the Showcase revival from September, 1978. Behind a typically great Joe Kubert cover were two stories of the WWII Office Of Strategic Services. Both were written by the prolific Robert Kanigher and the first story, Graves With No Names, was drawn by the veteran war artist Ric Estrada and the backup, Another Pin--Another Death, featured art by Bill Draut. I liked both stories and it made me want to pick up the other DC war books like Sgt. Rock and G.I. Combat. In fact, I wanted subscriptions to those and many other books but my mom put the kibosh on that. Even this cool subscription ad couldn't persuade her.

The DC Explosion was a great time for an eight year old comic fan. I had so many choices for my comic reading. It was always a chore picking titles on my weekly trips to the comic store or convenience store. They're memories I'll never forget and I can always go back and read these cool books when I want to think about those years.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Joe Kubert's Dong Xoai Vietnam 1965

Over on the great Comic Book Resources website there's an interview with the legendary Joe Kubert about his new project. Dong Xoai Vietnam 1965 tells the tale of a Special Forces unit in Vietnam as only the master of DC war comics can. The interview, which you can read here features some pages from the book that proves that Joe has definitely not lost his touch. It comes out this week at a comic book store near you or through Amazon which is where I'll probably order it from since I doubt I'll be able to find it around here. Pick it up. You won't be sorry.

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