Sunday, February 28, 2010

New DC Comics Collector Glasses

My buddies and I were down at one of the Vintage Stock locations yesterday and saw these really cool retro DC Comics glasses that evidently just came out. I had always wanted to collect the glasses when I was a kid but my mother probably thought I'd break them so I never had very many. These new ones are pretty similar using classic 1970's characters and designs. I've always loved this image of the Justice Society which I believe was first used on the back of one of the early treasury editions. I also picked up this beauty featuring the leader of the Combat Happy Joes of Easy Co.

There were several other cool glasses for sale including Black Lightning and Firestorm. If you've always liked the old glasses it would be worth your while to pick these up. They're pretty cool.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superman Family #182

As a kid I loved DC's Dollar Comics. My dad would buy them for me fairly often because of the value for the buck. One of the first issues released in the format was Superman Family #182, cover dated March-April, 1977. Behind a fantastic Curt Swan-Neal Adams cover were great stories featuring Superman's pals with artwork by greats such as Kurt Schaffenberger, Vince Colletta, John Calnan, Jose Delbo, and Mike Vosburg. Not only are there good stories inside but the ads are great too. I like this toy ad featuring the Mego Batcycle and the very cool Super-Friends colorforms.

I would have loved to have had those colorforms. I also like this ad for the DC Direct Currents hotline.

I'm surprised I didn't bug my mom to call this all the time. It would have been great to hear the updates. Seeing all this stuff again makes me want to break out all my Superman Families. I might just have to do that this weekend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Batman #194

It's well known that Carmine Infantino was one of the most innovative artists of the Silver Age Of Comics. Perhaps his greatest strength was his sense of design. Nowhere is this more evident than this gorgeous cover to Batman #194 from August, 1967. Inked by the great Murphy Anderson, it's a good example of his design sense. His placement of the logo was totally different for the time. It jumps out at you. The stories inside aren't bad but they're outshined by the cover. I also enjoy the different ads from this era. I really like this Lone Ranger Aurora model ad which were in a lot of comics from this period.

I'm not sure who did the art for this ad. It kind of looks like Murphy Anderson but I'm not sure. I do know that I like it quite a bit. I'd like to get my time machine in order so I can pick up the model and all the great DC and Marvel books for only 12 cents each. Now those were bargains!!

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