Thursday, March 31, 2011

Raiders Of The Lost Ark Marvel Super Special

I finally picked up the comic adaptation of one of the best movies ever made last weekend. I couldn't believe I didn't have it. Behind a beautiful Howard Chaykin cover lies the Walt Simonson, John Buscema, and Klaus Janson team's version of Indiana Jones' first adventure. It was a great read and I also enjoyed the back cover's groupings of different panels from the book.

I can just hear the John Williams score while reading this. And the good thing is, it didn't cost much more than the $2.50 cover price!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Detective Comics #357 November, 1966

Here's another Silver Age Batman gem from the great Broome, Infantino, and Giella team. I always liked Infantino's Batman. It was a great springboard from the 1950's style Caped Crusader to Neal Adams' more realistic 1970's Darknight Detective. This issue also has a cool Elongated Man backup story by Gardner Fox, Murphy Anderson, and Sid Greene.

Rounding out the book is this great ad for Hasbro's G.I. Joe club. The figures were immensely popular at the time and I'm sure the club was pretty successful. I believe the art is by Irv Novick. A clue is the partially obscured nametag. I think that was Irv's way of signing his name.

It's always fun to read the mid 60's DC's with the infamous go go checks on the covers. They're a Silver Age gas!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Russ Manning's Magnus Robot Fighter

I've been really enjoying Dark Horse's Magnus Robot Fighter archives. The art by Silver Age great Russ Manning is amazing and the stories hold up pretty good. I love the painted covers a lot of the Gold Key comics had back in those days. I'm not positive these are by Manning but they're beautiful nonetheless.

The pin-ups by Manning are also fantastic. I really like the simple style he used. It was very effective for the subject matter.

If you enjoy Silver Age science fiction comics and haven't read these books, I highly recommend them. It's great stuff.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Will Eisner Day!

The legendary Will Eisner would have been 94 years old today. He was a huge force from the Golden Age right up to his death a few years ago. I got to meet him at the San Diego Con in 2000 and it was quite a thrill. I wish I had had some of my Spirit comics for him to sign but I did have him sign this Blackhawk reprint he wrote which appeared in the excellent 1970's DC reprint book America At War. I also got my picture taken with him which I'll cherish forever. He will definitely be missed.

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