Friday, February 11, 2011

The Greatest Superheroes Of World War Two

With the release of the first footage from this summer's Captain America movie, I got a hankering to reread my dog eared copies of Roy Thomas' seminal 1970's series The Invaders. I always enjoyed the stories and at the time I thought the art by Frank Robbins wasn't all that great but as the years go by, I like it more and more. They're still a great read and it's getting me even more fired up for the Cap movie. Here are some of my favorite covers from the first run.

#8 September, 1976 by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia

#17 June, 1977 by Gil Kane and Joe Sinnott

#21 October, 1977 by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia

#30 July, 1978 by Joe Sinnott with layouts by Alan Kupperberg

And finally my favorite issue, #31 from August, 1978, where The Invaders fight Frankenstein. Cover by Joe Sinnott.

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