Monday, May 30, 2011

The Rocketeer Adventures #1

While I was on vacation in Arizona last week, I actually picked up a couple of new comics for the first time in a long time. I was really impressed with IDW's Rocketeer Adventures #1. The beautiful Alex Ross cover caught my eye and the interior stories were very good too, featuring art of John Cassaday, Mike Allred, and the great Bronze Age artist Michael Kaluta. It was good to see Kaluta's work again. He hasn't lost a step. There were also some neat pin-ups throughout the book starting with the splash page.

My favortie pin-up was this gorgeous Betty Page Saturday Evening Post cover by Jim Silke. It's really nice work.

The book finished up with this nice PSA for Hairy Cell Leukemia, the horrible disease that killed Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens a few years ago.

I really enjoyed reading this first issue and I plan to pick up however remaining issues there are. Hopefully the series will last a long time. I can never get enough Rocketeer!

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