Saturday, August 27, 2011

Charlton's Ghostly Tales

I've always wanted to complete my collection of Charlton horror comics. Unfortunately they're kind of hard to come by at the local conventions I go to. I did pick this particular ish from September, 1969 not too long ago. Ghostly Tales From The Haunted House lasted for 115 issues from 1966-1984. The few issues I have are actually not bad, much better than I expected. Issue #75 featured a great Jim Aparo cover but unfortunately Jim didn't do any of the interior art. This ish featured art by Charles Nicholas, Sanho Kim, Pat Boyette, and some guy named Ditko. Needless to say, the Ditko story stood out. He had a great sense of the macabre. Charlton sometimes gets a bad rap for churning out subpar stuff but a lot of the books are fun reads, especially in the late 60's, when guys like Ditko and Aparo worked for them. They're worth checking out.

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