Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #6

One of the coolest things DC did in the 70's was putting together these great 100 page reprint books. It was the first chance a lot of the younger readers had to read stories from the Golden Age. Edited by E. Nelson Bridwell, the 100 Page Super Spectaculars featured a wide variety of tales concerning many different genres. Similar to the earlier DC Special, there were issues containing horror, romance, war, and of course super hero reprints. This Neal Adams cover is considered by some people the very best cover DC put out during this period. I'm not one to argue. It's simply gorgeous. It contains most of the classic Golden and Silver Age DC heroes in its wraparound splendor. Reprinted in this glorious 100 pager are the two part Justice League/Justice Society story from Justice League #21-22 by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, The Spectre story from More Fun Comics #55 by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily, the Johnny Quick story from Adventure Comics #190 (credits uncertain), the Dan Berry pencilled Vilgilante story from Action #146, an unpublished Golden Age Wildcat story by Bob Kanigher, and the Gardner Fox/Joe Kubert Hawkman story from The Brave And The Bold #36. The 100 pagers are some of the best comics of the so called Bronze Age (although I usually just refer to it as the 70's). They're definitely worth checking out.

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