Monday, August 28, 2006

Action War Covers Part I

I thought I'd take the time and post some of my favorite World War II propanganda covers. Almost every title that came out in the Golden Age Of Comics had a propaganda cover at some point. One of the titles that had the best covers was Action Comics. What was better than Superman, America's greatest hero, beating up the Nazis and Japanese? The first cover I'm posting is Action #44 by the great Fred Ray. Ray did a lot of the covers during this period along with Jack Burnley. I love the dynamic image of Superman busting up a German tank turret. What's interesting is that the book is cover dated January, 1942, which means it was put together before America entered the war. Unfortunately, most of the time the interior stories had nothing to do with the covers, as was the case here. The entire book is reprinted in the Action Comics Archives Vol. 3.

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