Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sugar & Spike

There were several great Halloween themed covers of the classic Sheldon Meyer created humor title Sugar & Spike. The first one is #25 from October/November, 1959.

It seemed like they had a Halloween theme issue almost every year. This is from #31 from October/November, 1960.

I really like this one from #37, October/November, 1961.

1962's effort is from #43.

Six issues later came the 1963 Halloween issue.

1964's cover cracked me up.

1965's offering was from #61.

#67 was the last Halloween themed issue for a couple of years for unknown reasons.

The Halloween themed issues came back with the last issue of the series, #98 from 1971.

Hope you enjoy this great look at Halloween in the 60's, DC humor style.

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