Thursday, August 27, 2009

Showcase Presents G.I. Joe

I recently went to the G.I. Joe convention and had a good time. I've always had a love for the 12" Joes from the 1960's. DC Comics jumped on the bandwagon in 1964 by putting together some of their war reprints under the G.I. Joe banner in their famed tryout series Showcase. The first installment, #53, cover dated November-December, 1964, came out right around the time the first figures were being introduced. There was a new four page framing story by the team of Robert Kanigher, Joe Kubert, and Irv Novick that introduced the various stories. This issue reprinted G.I. Combat #'s 52, 59, and 60 and featured art by war comics legends Kubert, Russ Heath, and Ross Andru.

The second G.I. Joe Showcase, cover dated January-February, 1965, reprinted Our Army At War #75, Star Spangled War Stories #50, and All-Amercian Men Of War #67, featuring art by the same creators as the previous issue. I don't think these sold real well but with new covers by Kubert, they are well worth going after. They are great representations of 1950's and early 60's DC war comics.

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