Monday, October 12, 2009

Weird War Covers

One of my favorite DC titles of the Bronze Age was Weird War Tales. It combined two genres that DC did very well at the time, horror and war. While not every single issue had great stories, the covers were almost always fantastic. My favorite, of course, is the above beauty by Jim Aparo from issue #53, cover dated May, 1977. Here are some of my other favorites. This series is always a great read but it's especially great this time of year.

#1 September-October, 1971 Cover by Joe Kubert

#13 April, 1973 cover by Luis Dominguez

#58 December, 1977 cover by Joe Kubert

#77 July, 1979 cover by Joe Kubert

#93 November, 1980 featuring the great Creature Commandos. Cover by Joe Kubert

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