Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Convention Weekend

I had a great time this past weekend at Planet Comicon, Kansas City's largest comic book/pop culture convention. It's proving to be more and more popular every year as Saturday's crowd was the largest I had ever seen there. The highlight of the show for me was getting to talk to Silver Age Marvel legend Herb Trimpe again. Herb is one of the nicest professionals I've ever met and he drew a fantastic quick head sketch of Thor on the back of his new sketchbook, which has a lot of very cool pieces he's drawn through the years.

I also enjoyed talking to Bongo Comics editor Bill Morrison again. I've always liked the Futurama and Simpsons comics and Bill is always super friendly and cordial to everybody that comes up to him. He drew a couple of quick head shots on a couple of Futurama comics I bought from him.

The only sad part of the weekend was learning of the passing of Dick Giordano. I always liked his work on the many, many titles he pencilled and inked through the years, especially his work on Batman in the early '70's. He was also a great editor, starting with Charlton in the mid '60's and continuing on with two different stints at DC. I only got to meet him one time at one of the first conventions I went to in the early '90's but he was a true comics legend that will definitely be missed.

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