Sunday, April 24, 2011

DC Super-Stars Presents The Teen Titans

I always enjoyed DC Super-Stars, one of DC's several reprint titles that were put out in the 70's to show little kids like me DC's Silver Age classics for the first time. This premiere issue, from March, 1976, was probably my first introduction to the Silver Age Teen Titans. I really dug the silly Bob Haney stories and the art by Nick Cardy was always great. In addition to the two tales reprinted inside, there was this ad that got my six year old self very excited.

This treasury was probably one of the most anticipated books of the 70's and it lived up to its hype, although I didn't get it until several years later.

I also enjoyed this Hostess Cup Cake ad featuring Captain Marvel saving a bunch of yummy cup cakes from the vile criminals that wanted to take the sugary goodness away from the good little 70's kids. I would have loved to have seen Curt Swan draw a Shazam-Captain Cupcake team up.

And to round things out, there's this awesome model van ad on the back cover. Only in the 70's!!

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