Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gene Colan R.I.P.

The comics world lost a great legend yesterday with the passing of Gene Colan. Gene was one of the most innovative and unique artists of the Silver Age Of Comics. His distinctive sytle provided a nice contrast to the styles of the other artists at Marvel during that time. He was most known for his runs on Daredevil, Iron Man, and The Tomb Of Dracula but he could draw anything. Here are a few of my favorite covers he drew during this period courtesy of the Grand Comic Book Database.

I was lucky enough to meet Gene on two different occasions. The first time was in Kansas City in I believe 1996. He drew this incredible Captain America for me.

I remember him getting frustrated trying to draw the shield and he even scrapped an earlier attempt just because he wanted to get it exactly right. I thought it looked perfect but Gene wanted to make it just right. It's probably one of the top two or three sketches in my collection.

The second time I met was at the 2000 San Diego convention, where the picture at the top was taken. Both times he was incredibly nice and was very appreciative of his many fans. He will definitely be missed. For more info about his incredible career and lots of great art, check out his website.

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