Friday, July 1, 2011

Captain America Collectors' Preview 1995

With the new Captain America movie coming out later this month, I've been pretty obsessed with the Star Spangled Avenger. I've been digging out some stuff to post and I found this neat one shot from 1995 with a really cool John Byrne cover inked by Cap's co-creator Joe Simon. The back cover is great too.

There are a lot of neat things in this book. Probably the coolest things are these three Joe Simon paintings presumable done for this book. They're just gorgeous.

There are other cool things in the book like this Jack Kirby designed alternate uniform. They weren't sure what it was to be used for but it's a typically great Kirby design.

And last but certainly not least, we have the awesome Fred Hembeck with The Top Ten Perks Of Being Captain America.

I really enjoyed flipping through this book again. It might be hard to find but maybe it might show up in a dollar box at your local convention. It's definitely worth getting if you're fan of America's Super Soldier.

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