Thursday, December 21, 2006

Adventure Comics #64

Perhaps Jack Burnley's best known comic feature in the early '40's was Starman, which he co-created with writer Gardner Fox. He did the cover and interior art for this strip, which had a nice sci-fi kind of flair to it. This book was by far the best drawn strip of the Golden Age. The realistic, yet dynamic, style was practically unheard of then. I highly highly recommend the Starman Archives. It reprints most of the run and is just beautiful. The stories and concept hold up really well after over 60 years. Starman was always one of my favorite members of the Justice Society and his solo adventures were great as well. This particular issue is from July, 1941 and also features a Sandman story by Creig Flessel, another outstanding artist who is still with us. The Sandman Archives is another must have. I think Adventure might have been my favorite book back then if I were a comic reading kid. It was a great anthology book.

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