Monday, January 1, 2007

Batman #10

I thought I'd start off the new year with one of my all time favorite Golden Age covers. Batman #10, cover dated April-May, 1942, was similar in content to many other books of the era. There were four Batman stories inside, none of which were real different than other Batman tales of the time. The cover, however, would distinguish itself as one of the greats. Drawn by classic Bat-artist Jerry Robinson, the uniqueness of seeing our heroes on the artist's board as he was drawing it was a very cool concept. Jerry also drew all four stories inside, although they were all credited to Bob Kane. It's a shame Robinson and other ghosts like Sheldon Moldoff and Dick Sprang weren't credited for these stories until decades later. I thought they were superior artists to Kane, although I do like Kane's character design on the main characters. All the Batman stories in this issue are reprinted in the excellent Dark Knight Archives Volume 3.

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