Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Marvel Treasury Edition #15

Marvel also got into the treasury business with the Marvel Treasury Edition series. This series featured almost all reprints but that was OK because some of this stuff was simply stunning in the large format. A case in point is this issue featuring everybody's favorite barbarian from 1977. Featuring a gorgeous cover by the great John Buscema, this issue contains stories by four of the great Conan artists of the 70's. It reprints "The Song Of Red Sonja" by Roy Thomas and Barry Smith from Conan #24, "Night Of The Dark God" by Thomas and Gil Kane from Savage Tales #4, and "Black Colossus" by Thomas and Buscema (the quintessential Conan team, by the way) from Savage Sword Of Conan #2. If you like great fantasy art, look no further than this beauty!

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