Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Limited Collectors' Edition #C-47

From August-September, 1976, we have this beauty celebrating our nation's 200th birthday. As a kid, I thought anything having to do with the Bicentennial was cool. So when I saw the ads for this book, I was pretty excited. At the time I first saw it I was disappointed however. It barely had Superman in it. He just introduced the Tomahawk stories inside. As an adult though, I really dig this book. First off, the Fred Ray cover is just gorgeous. The Tomahawk stories inside by Ray are great too. He, along with Jack Burnley, are my two favorite Golden Age artists. The Curt Swan framing art featuring Superman is great too as usual. This book did a very good job teaching American History to thousands of 6 year olds like myself back in '76!

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