Monday, January 1, 2007

The Brave And The Bold #21

In my earlier post I talked about how underrated Irv Novick was as a penciller. Proof positive of his talent is this gorgeous cover to Brave And Bold #21, from January 1959. One of my great wishes for the new year would be for DC to reprint the adventure stories that were in Brave And Bold during the first 25 or so issues of the title. Viking Prince by Joe Kubert, Robin Hood by Russ Heath, and Silent Knight by Irv Novick were some of the most beautiful comics any company produced during this time. This particular issue featured a Viking Prince story by Kubert and a Silent Knight tale by Novick and writer Bob Kanigher. The Viking Prince story was written by one of my favorite writers, the great Bob Haney. I always loved the flag motif of the cover titles. I always thought they should have kept it even through the great team ups Haney and Aparo did in the 70's. It was probably my all time favorite comic. Cross your fingers and hope DC reprints this stuff soon!

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