Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Limited Collectors' Edition #C-37

Perhaps my favorite comic book format growing up in the 1970's was the over size treasury format. I loved seeing the four color adventures of my favorite heroes in this large format. DC combined reprints with all new stories to thrill their readers. One of the first treasuries I ever bought was this gem from August-September, 1975. Sporting one of my all time favorite covers by my favorite artist, Jim Aparo, this issue reprinted several stories from the Golden and Silver ages of comics featuring the caped crusader vs. some of his most dangerous foes. Reprinted in this issue are "The Cross Country Crimes!" from Batman #122, "The Blackbird Of Banditry!" from Batman #43, "The Scarecrow" from World's Finest #3, and "The Lady Rogues!" from Batman #45. To top it off, there's a very neat tabletop diorama by Aparo. To learn more about treasury comics, check out the great website

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