Monday, January 1, 2007

Adventure Comics #300

One of my all time favorite comics growing up was The Legion Of Super-Heroes. I loved the Dave Cockrum and Mike Grell eras of the 70's but my favorite period for the Legion was the 60's, when the group first started developing its varied history and continuity. Although it was a Mort Weisinger edited book, which usually meant silly plots and contrived storylines, the pure number of characters and the different powers they had intrigued me as a kid. It didn't hurt that the great Curt Swan drew a lot of the issues. Swan was a master at detailing the futuristic landscapes and alien worlds the stories required. This issue, cover dated September, 1962, was the first issue of their long run in Adventure Comics. The run lasted 80 issues and was one of the longest runs of the Silver Age. This was one of Swan's finest covers and one of the most iconic of the Silver Age. The interior art in this issue was by John Forte however. This issue marked the first appearance of Mon-El as a Legionnaire and is reprinted in Legion Archives Vol. 1

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