Sunday, March 25, 2007

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

Gold Key Comics was the preeminent company in the 1960's of TV show adaptations. They had the rights to many of the cool genre shows of the period. This is the first issue of their adaptation of Irwin Allen's classic SF series Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. The artists on these stories sometimes had trouble because they weren't always given the proper visual guides for the show they were adapting. I think they did a pretty good job getting the feel for the different series. They were unique comics in that they had a definite European feel in the art. That's because they used a lot of Italian artists in their books. This particular issue came out in December, 1964 and features a beautiful cover painting. Alas, the Grand Comic Database isn't sure who did the art. The 32 page story inside was drawn by the prolific Mike Sekowsky, who was also drawing DC's Justice League Of America at the time. I recommend these Gold Key books simply for the good art and the nostalgia for the TV shows themselves.

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