Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Invaders #3

All Star Squadron wasn't the first WWII era super team Roy Thomas wrote. About eight years before he conceived and wrote the adventures of Marvel's elite 1940's superteam, The Invaders. This was a pet project Roy wanted to do while he was Editor-In-Chief at Marvel during the early '70's. In 1975, he finally got his wish. This was a very unique book art wise. Frank Robbins was the first penciller on the book and his unique style made it look totally different than any other book Marvel was putting out at the time. I really didn't like it when I first saw it but I gradually learned to appreciate it as time went on. This particular cover was pencilled by Jack "King" Kirby and inked (very heavily) by the equally great John Romita. At first glance this looked nothing like Kirby. He must have used a very light layout and Romita did a lot of the finishing. It looks much more like Romita than Kirby, especially the faces. Anyway, this is a great series. I hope the good folks at Marvel put this together in an Essentials volume. I'd buy it right away.

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