Tuesday, March 6, 2007

All Star Squadron #7

One of my all time favorite writers is the great Roy Thomas. He's probably best known for his incredibly long run on Conan The Barbarian but I was first exposed to his work on this series. All Star Squadron was one of the first series he wrote for DC Comics after working at Marvel for several years. This book was a no brainer for me because it featured a lot of the heroes from the Justice Society, which were my favorite super hero team at the time. Roy's love for the 1940's heroes comes through very well in this well scripted series set during World War II. This particular issue, from March, 1982, is one of my favorites. The awesome Joe Kubert did many covers for All Star Squadron during its 67 issue run and this one is one of the best. Very few artists could compose a cover like Kubert. The interior art in this issue is by Adrian Gonzales and Jerry Ordway. For a complete history of this title, check out Roy's outstanding All Star Companion Volume 2, available from Twomorrows Publishing.

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