Sunday, February 18, 2007

Best Of DC Digest #26

This is probably my favorite digest. Not only does it have a beautiful Jim Aparo cover, but it gave me my first look at the classic Brave And Bold adventure hero strips from the 50's. This issue featured "Three Arrows Against Doom" a gorgeous Robin Hood story from B&B #9 by Bob Haney and Russ Heath, "Threat Of The Ice King" a Viking Prince masterpiece by Kanigher and Kubert from B&B #18, "The Sword In The Lake" a Silent Knight tale from Haney and Irv Novick from B&B #21, "The Secret Beneath The Earth" featuring Cave Carson from B&B #31 by France Herron and Bruno Premiani, "Menace Of The Mirage People" by Kanigher and Ross Andru featuring The Suicide Squad from B&B #38, and "You Can't Hide From A Deadman", a Batman/Deadman team-up from B&B #86 by Bob Haney and Neal Adams. If you can only pick up one digest, then this classic is definitely the one. Great stories and art make for a great afternoon of comic reading!

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