Monday, February 12, 2007

Justice League #160

One of my favorite comics growing up was Justice League Of America. In fact, many times during the late '70's when my dad said I could only get one comic (that .35-.50 price was just so expensive you know!) I would often pick the JLA. I think the appeal of the book for my 8 year old mind was that a multitude of heroes was in every issue. I could get my fix of Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and the rest in one fell swoop. This particular issue, cover dated November, 1978, was a big favorite. It gave me my first exposure to the annual team ups between the JLA and the Justice Society. I was blown away by these stories. I was giddy with excitement every year afterwards when I saw that they were teaming up again. A big reason I liked JLA was the art. The vastly underrated team of Dick Dillin (pencils) and Frank McLaughlin (inks) were consistently great month in and month out. Dillin drew the book for over ten years. That's impressive by itself. What's even more impressive is that the quality of the art never diminished. I got to meet McLaughlin once and was able to thank him for his great work. Unfortunately, Dillin died in 1980 while he was still drawing the book. If you like superhero teams, you can't get much better than '70's Justice League!

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