Sunday, February 18, 2007

Best Of DC Digest #21

From February, 1982 comes this beauty reprinting three adventures of the first super hero team, the legendary Justice Society Of America. I always enjoyed the JSA from their yearly team ups with the Justice League but I had never at that time read any of their 1940's adventures. This issue reprinted "The Day That Dropped Out Of Time" from All Star Comics #35 with art by such greats as Joe Kubert, Irwin Hasen, Lee Elias, Paul Reinman, and Frank Harry. I loved the story and wanted to read more Golden Age JSA stories. This issue also reprinted the more recent "The Untold Origin Of The Justice Society" from DC Special #29 by Paul Levitz and Joe Station, and "The Big Super Hero Hunt" featuring Starman and Black Canary from The Brave And The Bold #62 by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. All this plus a beautiful George Perez cover! What more could you ask for?

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