Friday, August 29, 2008

Celebrating The King

This is a little late but last Thursday would have been Jack "King" Kirby's 91st birthday. Out of all the comics professionals I would have liked to meet, Kirby will always be the number one person I missed. He never did attend any cons in Kansas City while I was actively attending them and I didn't go to San Diego until after he died. I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of Our Fighting Forces #153 a few years ago.

Another cool example of Kirby's work around the same time (1975) are these two pinups he did for an article on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton for the NFL's Gameday magazine. I found these in an old Kansas City Chiefs program and was quite happy to see them as I didn't know they existed.

So let's all read some Fantastic Four, Thor, Captain America, Kamandi, or any of the other countless features he worked on over the years. Long live the King!

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