Monday, January 19, 2009

Sgt. Rock #331

I thought I'd reach into one of my comic boxes from time to time and talk about whatever book I pull out. The first one I pulled out was Sgt. Rock #331 from August, 1979. Sporting a cover by Joe Kubert, the main interior story, The Sons Of War, was a Robert Kanigher/Frank Redondo effort that was a very basic, straigtforward story that was very typical of the era. The war books were kind of winding down at this point and the stories kind of reflected that. The art was just OK and the script was typical Kanigher, well written but there was a sense of seeing it before. There was also a cool back up story in this ish drawn by the great Ric Estrada, one of the more underrated war artists DC had at the time. This era of DC is one of my favorites but this ish is just OK. The superhero stuff was much better at this time. It's definitely worth a read though. You can't beat Sgt. Rock, regardless of the creative team.

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