Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super Friends Lunch Box

I only had two lunch boxes back in grade school. The first one was Star Wars and the second one, which I used a lot longer for some reason was the classic Super Friends box. It was my favorite cartoon at the time and I was a devoted DC Comics fan so it was a no brainer to carry my sandwiches in this timeless box. Naturally I loved the art on it. I assume it was by Dick Giordano, who did a lot of the licensing art for DC through Neal Adams' Continutiy Studios, but on the front Superman looks like Curt Swan and Batman looks like Carmine Infantino. Maybe Girodano or whoever did the art was instructed to ape their styles.

The back box art surprised me a little.

While Flash and I believe Green Arrow appeared on the show, I don't remember ever seeing Batgirl show up at the Hall Of Justice. At any rate, it's a cool image and I wish I had my original box. I have no idea what happened to it. It was probably pretty beat up and my mom probably threw it away. These scans are from Hallmark's version of the box I got a few years ago. I always look at it fondly and remember a lot of cool grade school lunches.

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