Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fax From Sarajevo

I recently reread Joe Kubert's 1996 masterpiece Fax From Sarajevo, the story of a friend of Kubert's first hand accounts of the war in Sarajevo in the early 90's. The art is incredible and Kubert's storytelling is first rate. You can tell he had a true love for the story and it definitely comes across in the book. I liked it so much I sent it to Joe at his school back in 2003 to have him sign it. I knew he probably wouldn't be at a convention near me so I figured I'd try the in mail autograph route. I also told him how much I was looking forward to him working on Sgt. Rock again in the graphic novel Sgt Rock: Between Hell And A Hard Place. I got it back really fast with a very nice note from Joe that made my day.

It's one of my favorite signed books. It's a great comic that showcases one of the greatest talents the field has ever seen.

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