Monday, June 22, 2009

Detective Comics #391

After reading the new Batcave Companion book, I decided to dig up some of my old late 60's-early 70's Batman and Detectives and reread them. The first one I found was this issue of Detective from September, 1969. I really dig the cool Neal Adams cover. I wish the photos in my albums looked like Adams art! The interior art, unfortunately, was by Bob Brown and Joe Giella. Brown was a decent artist but he was no Adams. Frank Robbins wrote the story, which was OK but not up to the Denny O'Neill stuff that would come about a year later. One of my favorite parts of this issue is the way cool Palisades Park ad that DC had in most of their books at the time.

I always wanted to go there but never got to the East Coast. These coupons are just another thing that was cool about Silver Age DC.

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