Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Flash #214

One of the coolest things about 1970's DC are the 100 Page Super Spectaculars. While they originally came out before I started collecting comics, I've managed to pick up most of them through the years. One of my favorite 100 pagers is this issue of The Flash from April, 1972. Like a lot of the 100 pagers at the time, this issue is all reprints but when you're a kid that hasn't been exposed to the Infantino Flash, that's OK. The cover by DC house cover artist Nick Cardy is a beaut, as usual, and they picked some nice stories to reprint. There were two Silver Age Flash stories, a Golden Age Flash story, a Kid Flash tale, a Golden Age Johnny Quick story, a Quicksilver tale (not to be confused with Marvel's speedster), and a Metal Men story. All for 50 cents! Unfortunately they're worth a lot more than that now. I know what I'll be doing on this hot summer day. I think I'll spend it with the Scarlet Speedster.

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