Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jim Aparo's Charlton Days

As a lot of you know, Jim Aparo got his start in comics by working for the Charlton comics company doing many different kinds of strips. While I don't have a lot of examples of his work there, I do have a small representation. I really like this cover to Ghostly Tales From The Haunted House #75 from September, 1969.

You can kind of see his style develop on this cover. It looks a little more like his DC work of the time. One of the strips Jim was best known for at Charlton was the outer space western Wander, written by Denny O'Neil under his pen name Sergius O'Shaugnessy. I think Jim did a great job on this strip. Here's the splash page from the Wander story from Cheyenne Kid #71 from March, 1969.

I'm really fascinated by Aparo's early days in the field. These books are kind of hard to find. I rarely see them at conventions. I guess I'll have to try Ebay. They're a nice view of the early career of my all time favorite artist.

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