Friday, January 1, 2010

All Out War #1

As a kid I loved DC's Dollar Comics linuep. I couldn't get enough of the double sized goodness. One of the more interesting but short lived Dollar Comics was the war anthology All Out War. It didn't last very long in 1979, only six issues if I recall correctly. Anyway, what was not to love? You had great Joe Kubert covers followed by interior work by greats such as Dick Ayers, Jerry Grandenetti, George Evans, and E.R. Cruz. I especially liked the new Viking Commando character that was supposed to be the star of the book. As I mentioned before, the mag petered out after six issues. As the 1980's dawned the war comics weren't selling like they used to and poor sales probably led to All Out War's demise. Not even cool Kubert drawn subscription ads could save these great books from eventual extinction.

The Dollar Comics were definitely a product of the times. I think they were probably a means of getting inventoried material out there after the infamous DC Implosion the year before left a lot of material without a place to go. I remember they heavily promoted the new books in their other mags, as this great ad shows.

They worked since I bought all of them, or shall I say my dad forked out all those dollars back then. I was only nine. I think those were the best dollars he ever spent.

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