Sunday, January 31, 2010

Charlton's Six Million Dollar Man

Like a lot of other kids of the 70's, I loved The Six Million Dollar Man TV show. I couldn't get enough of Steve Austin's exploits. One of the first comics I ever remember buying was Charlton's adapation which came out not long after the show debuted in 1976. The first issue featured a great Joe Staton cover and interior art. They followed the TV show's origin story fairly well as I recall. I never read a lot of Charlton growing up. I think it was due to the fact that they weren't as available as DC and Marvel's output. I think the only place I ever saw Charltons was at Clint's, KC's first comic specialty shop. They might have been in places like Woolworth's too but I don't remember. The subscription ad inside showed how diverse Charlton's output was then.

Most of my Charlton collection consists of the animated titles like the Flintstone books and Hong Kong Phooey. I've been trying to compile a Charlton horror collection these past ten years or so but I've been very lax about it lately. Although they didn't put out the quality of the big two, Charlton brings back some nice memories of my early comic book collecting.

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