Sunday, July 15, 2007

Alien: The Illustrated Story

From the same creative team that brought us the Close Encounters adaptation comes an even more exciting version of a great sci-fi movie. The Alien adaptation by Goodwin and Simonson is one of the best movie adaptations ever done for comics. It was published by Heavy Metal magazine so that gave them a little more leeway as far as showing some of the horror that made the movie so good. It's quite possibly the most terrifying movie I've ever seen and Goodwin and Simonson bring that across very well. It has a creepy feel to it that no other book I've read has. Goodwin had help from the film's screenwriter, Dan O'Bannon, which was a tremendous aid in getting the feel of the movie down. They had more input from the studio than they did for Close Encounters. All of this input shows on the page. If you've never read this, you're missing out on a real visual treat.

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