Sunday, July 15, 2007


One of the funnest series DC put out in the 70's was Shazam! They had the rights to Fawcett's seminal hero and hadn't done anything with them for several years. Finally in 1973, in conjunction with the upcoming live action Filmation series, DC decided to put out a new title. Calling it Shazam!, it lasted five years and 35 issues. Originally featuring work by the series' original artist CC Beck, it retained the flavor and humor of the original series. Beck became frustrated over the course the series was going however and left after 9 issues. Bob Oksner took over and the series also had art from the great Kurt Scaffenberger. The initial scripts were by Denny O'Neil, who wasn't well suited to the material. Later stories were by E. Nelson Bridwell, who had a better grip on the material. This cover by Beck for issue #6 is pretty cool. I liked the photo effect. The vibe of this cover harkens back to the Golden Age, which is what this series was going for. It didn't quite work but it's still an entertaining read if you like the character.

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