Sunday, July 15, 2007

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Marvel Super Special

I thought I'd post some of my favorite comic book adaptations of movies I really liked growing up. The first adaptation I really remember enjoying was the Star Wars Treasury Editions Marvel put out in 1977. I couldn't get enough of them. So I was pretty excited when Marvel put out their adaptation of Speilberg's space alien saga a year later. It was quite different than Star Wars but I was still entranced by the mothership and the aliens at the end. Writer Archie Goodwin and artist Walter Simonson did a very good job adapting the story, even though they didn't have much reference to go on because the movie's production was shrouded in secrecy. Simonson was perfect for the subject matter, as his style suited the otherworldly aspect of the movie. The cover by Bob Larkin was beautiful as well. This same creative team would get together again a couple of years later to adapt another great '70's sci-fi film.

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