Sunday, February 22, 2009

Green Lantern #90

My first exposure to DC's seminal science-fiction superhero was the Denny O'Neil-Mike Grell mid 1970's series co-starring Green Arrow. I liked the characters in Justice League and thought I'd check out their regular book. Needless to say I liked it very much. Grell's art is fantastic and captures both the cosmic scope of GL and the gritty realism of GA. Grell is one of my favorite artists. I loved his work on Legion Of Super Heroes around this same time. I finally got to meet him at a convention a few years ago and was torn over who to have him draw in my sketchbook. My buddies got both GL and GA so I decided on Dawnstar from the Legion. I was thrilled with the result.

If you really like science fiction comics, be sure and check this series out plus anything else Grell was doing at the time. You won't be disappointed.

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