Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Incredible Hulk #232

One of my first exposures to Marvel's Green Goliath was this issue from February, 1979. Behind a great Dan Adkins cover is a solid late 70's tale by Roger Stern, David Michelinie, Sal Buscema, and Mike Esposito. Having Captain America guest star didn't hurt this book in my nine year old eyes. Like a lot of comics of the late 70's, I dug a lot of the ads inside. I always wanted to get some of this stuff but never did. A good example was the really cool Remco Spider-Man that came out around this time.

As a DC kid at the time, I wasn't as aware of some of the Marvel heroes. This cool ad got me interested in these guys.

And last but not least, true life superheroes had new albums coming out in 1979.

These cool ads added a lot to comic collecting at the time. It just doesn't seem like there are cool things like this being advertised in comics anymore, which is a shame.

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