Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Army At War #275

Another one of my favorite DC 100 page spectaculars is this beauty from December, 1974. If you were a fan of DC war comics, this issue had a little bit of everything. Starting with that beautiful Joe Kubert cover, the art on display in this book's 100 pages is mind blowing. It features breathtaking work by greats such as Kubert, Russ Heath, Sam Glanzman, Ross Andru, and Mort Drucker. It served as a great introduction to the DC war stories of the past for the new kids checking out the current DC books in 1974. That was the best thing about the 100 pagers. It provided a glimpse into the past through reprints that weren't seen very often at the time. Now it's fairly easy to get these classics but back then they weren't as prevalant. If you have any interest in 1970's DC comics, the 100 pagers are a great place to start.

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