Saturday, November 29, 2008

All Star Companions

I'm a big fan of Golden Age DC and the Justice Society in particular. I've always wanted to get the back issues of All Star from the '40's but since they were so expensive I had to settle for the Archives which are great. But my favorite books concerning the JSA are Roy Thomas' All Star Companions, published by Twomorrows Publishing. It contains an issue by issue run of every issue of All Star plus all the JSA revivals through the years, including my favorite, the 1980's All Star Squadron, in its three volumes. Volume 1 goes through the 1940's All Star in exacting detail. It also contains a lot of new and unseen art by many of the greats of the Golden and Silver Ages. I had Roy sign the beautiful Murphy Anderson cover when I met him a few years ago.

Volume Two sports a cover by Carlos Pacheco and continues looking at the 1940's All Star plus the 1980's All Star Squadron. It contains info on the Junior Justice Society club and other various JSA related stuff, plus the ususal original art and unseen goodies.

My favorite volume is #3. Not only does it have a gorgeous cover by the great George Perez, it covers the 1970's era of the JSA, which is when I first discovered them. It covers the '70's All Star, the Adventure Comics stories and all the JLA-JSA team-ups. It also features interviews with many of the principals during that time. It also has a lot of beautiful art including this awesome Superman comission by the one and only Jack Burnley, in my opinion the best artist of the Golden Age of comics.

If you any interest in the JSA, these books are a must have.

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