Monday, November 24, 2008

Curt Swan 1978

As an eight year old kid in 1978, I was instantly enamored with Superman. The movie was coming out at the end of the year and I was enjoying him every Saturday morning on the Superfriends cartoon. One of the main reasons I enjoyed him that first full year of collecting comics was the wonderful art of Curt Swan. His clean, neat style made it easy for a kid to read and follow the stories every month. At this point in his career, Swan didn't do a whole lot of covers. But that was OK because there were many great cover artists at DC during this time. One of the preeminent ones on Superman was Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, one of the most underrated artists in comics history. His Superman covers were gorgeous, as this one from Superman #321 from March, 1978 attests.

This run of issues were the first ones I remember getting as a kid. My mom used to take me to Woolworths a lot and she would let me buy the Whitman three packs of comics they would sell. Sometimes they would be several issues in a row of a particular title. I might be wrong, but I think I got these three issues of Superman in one of these packs. All three covers were by Rich Buckler and he kept Garcia Lopez' style intact. These are issues #'s 324-326, June-August, 1978.

Of course, all these issues have beautiful Swan art on the inside. These books are just some small examples of how DC was great in the late '70's.

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