Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Days #1

As a kid I read a few of the Gold Key TV comics but I had no idea they did a comic of my favorite live action show of the time. Like a lot of late '70's kids, I loved The Fonz and the rest of the Arnold's gang. I looked forward to Tuesday nights at 7 almost as much as Saturday morning. I would have snatched up the six issues they put out of the Happy Days comic in 1979 if I ever saw them. The only place I ever saw Gold Keys was either Clint's, the local comic book store, or Woolworths. I'm surprised I missed them. The series was typical Gold Key TV adaptations, heavy on the humor with average art. An artist named Bill Williams did the art for all four stories in #1, cover dated March, 1979. I think I'll try to find these at the next convention I go to.

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