Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dick Dillin 1978

Dick Dillin was one of most unsung artists of the 1970's. Before he died tragically in 1980, he drew over 10 years' worth of the adventures of DC's greatest super team, the Justice League Of America. Like Curt Swan before, Dillin didn't do a lot of covers during this time, but there were some beauties by some of the new blood coming into DC in 1978. Issue #155, from June, 78, features a great cover by the underrated Al Milgrom.

Joe Staton, who was more known for his work on Green Lantern and the Justice Society, drew this cover for #157, August, 78.

And finally, Rich Buckler drew this cover for the first part of the annual JLA/JSA team up in issue #159, October, 78.

The interior art by Dillin and Frank McLaughlin was fantastic and was some of my favorite art of the Bronze Age. I'm glad I had the chance to meet Frank at a convention and let him know he was my favorite inker, not only on JLA but The Flash as well. These are truly some special childhood books.

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