Monday, October 30, 2006

All American Men Of War #53

One of the fun things about collecting comics is setting goals and then hopefully completing them. I've accumulated complete runs of different titles over the years but nothing like a good friend of mine, who, when he gets this one issue, will have a complete run of every DC war title ever printed. DC had what they called the Big 5 war titles. All American Men Of War, Our Army At War, Star Spangled War Stories, Our Fighting Forces, and GI Combat. All American Men Of War ran 116 issues from 1953-1966. Our Army At War ran 301 issues from 1952-1977. Star Spangled War Stories ran 202 issues from 1952-1977. Our Fighting Forces ran 181 issues from 1954-1978. GI Combat ran 245 issues from 1957-1987. This is a very impressive run and I'm quite impressed with my friend's commitment to completing it. This particular issue sports a great Joe Kubert cover plus 4 interior stories featuring art by Kubert, Ross Andru, Jack Abel, and Russ Heath. The very prolific Robert Kanigher wrote two of the stories and the other two were by Bob Haney and Bill Finger. From January, 1958.

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